Janna Mooney
Coldwell Banker Realty

Melinda Heights Business Directory

Below are businesses owned and operated by homeowners in the Melinda Heights Community. If you or someone you know who lives in Melinda Heights would like to add your business please contact me and I will add you/them to the directory.


ALL AROUND THE CLOCK PLUMBING | Adam & Tori Russell Muali | FB: /allaroundtheclockplumbing

AMERICAN EAGLE CPR | Jim Clements | americaneaglecpr.com

AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL | Jeff Halbreich | HalbreichFinancial.com | ampf.com

ARCH POOL & SPA | Melissa Slodob-Dunteman | archpoolandspa.com

COLOR STREET (nail strips) | Tamy Roland | mycolorstreet.com/tammyr | FB: /groups/tammyscolors

DONUT WORLD, Portola Shopping Center | Sarah Truong | decorating kits, bouquets and more! | donutworldcelebrations.square.site

DREAM VACATIONS | Becky Halbreich | dreamvacations.com

EXOTICA DESIGNS, floral and events | Palesa Maieane-Gororo | exoticadesigns.com | IG: @exoticadesigns

FAIRMONT FLOORING | Lauri & Joe Vuozzo | fairmont-flooring.com | FB: /fairmontflooring

MAKE LIFE DYNAMIC, Executive Coach | Amber Bloomer | makelifedynamic.com

MAYFAIR CONCRETE RESTORATION | Ed May | mayfairconcrete.com | IG: @mayfairconcrete | FB: /mayfairconcreterestoration

NON PROFIT INFORMATION | Joanna Laznicka | nonprofitinformation.com

SMALL BIZ RESOURCES | Joanna Laznicka | smallbiz-resources.com

SOON SKINCARE | Lisa Ballstaedt | soonskincare.com | IG: @soonskincare | FB: /soonskincare

SWIM STRONG OC | Bethany Warnick | swimstrongoc.com

UNSBORNE BOOKS & MORE | Annemarie Conlyn | p8236.myubam.com

YOU NEED YOU TIME, Personal Development & Life Coach | Amber Bloomer | https://pages.youneedyoutime.com/5-steps-reduce-chaos-create-calm





Janna Mooney provides this business directory as a service to residents and business owners. She does not endorse the content or accuracy of any listing or external website. You should make whatever investigation you feel necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any online or offline transactions.