Growing Your Home Equity

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Real Estate

Homeownership offers many advantages including a stable living environment, predictable monthly payments, and the freedom to make modifications. But one of the biggest perks of homeownership is the opportunity to build wealth over time. What steps should you take to maximize the potential of your investment?

The equity in your home is your money, but rather than sitting in a bank account, it’s providing you with a place to live. And when you factor in the potential of appreciation, an investment in real estate will likely offer a better return than any savings account available today.


• Pay down your mortgage: Some homeowners do this by adding a little extra to their payment each month, making one additional mortgage payment per year, or making a lump-sum payment when extra money becomes available—like an annual bonus, gift, or inheritance.

• Increase your home’s market value: Many homeowners enjoy do-it-yourself projects that can add value at a relatively low cost. Others choose to invest in larger, strategic upgrades. It is important to remember the remodeling project that costs the most out of pocket doesn’t necessarily mean it will provide you with the highest return on investment.

Wherever you are in the equity-growing process, I can help. I work with buyers to find the perfect home to begin their wealth-building journey as well as offering free assistance to existing homeowners who want to know their home’s current market value to refinance or secure a home equity loan. And when you’re ready to sell, I can help you get top dollar to maximize your equity stake. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

I work hard for my clients, invest in their goals and in return it is my hope that they can depend on me as their Realtor for life. My clients, Jeremy & Lynn Hampton, are one of those clients. When Jeremy and Lynn started their lives together they called me to help them find a home to rent. After they had their first child, it was time purchase their first home and I helped them make that dream a reality. Together they had 2 more children and quickly outgrew their home. We sat down to discuss their goals and one month later I sold their home for record a setting sales price and negotiated a free 3 month rent back providing them with flexibility. Today we are once again in the home searching process to find a larger home suitable for their family and lifestyle. I can’t begin to explain how meaningful it is to be able to be a part of my clients’ lives helping them through every stage. This is truly an example of how rewarding my job is! I am so proud and thankful that so many of my clients depend on me to help them time and time again.